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Hello everyone! 👋
I'm Vic Nizeyimana (Twitter), the co-founder of 🌱Veggsocial - The original owner Ryzal Yusoff, a solo indiemaker who built this site, focus now on his newest product Readermode

Veggsocial is the social platform for vegans, vegetarians and for those interested in the plant based diets and ethical living. It will help you find the best cities and places to visit, meet new people around the world and discuss anything related to vegans and vegetarians.

Ranking of the cities is based on number of metrics such as number of events hosted in that area, number of quality listings, average price levels for places in that area, the everage rating, groceries cost and vegetable and meat consumption. I accumulated all data from public sites on the internet like Wikipedia and Ourworldindata and then build the algorithm to rank all these cities accordingly. Some data might be incomplete and inaccurate, but it's good enough to be a starting point for Veggsocial. Soon, I'm planning to crowdsource these data to help refined and make them better at ranking the cities.

How did this site get started?

On the early of 2017, I pickup a book to read called How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger. The book thoroughly explain and help me understand the scientific evidence behind the plant based diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of premature death and disability. So inspired by that book, I dicided to give the plant based diet a try and eventually become a vegetarian by the October of 2017.

A few weeks after becoming the vegetarian, I started to read and research more about how the meat industry works and started to realize how cruel and unethical the industry is and how badly it is affecting the environment. So what's started as the way to just improve my health and prevent deadly diseases, has now become my way of expressing my view towards animal rights and environment as well.

I started reaching out to other vegans and vegetarians to keep me motivated and have taken lots of ethical and plant based trips. I love to meet people with similar mindset and eat at new places, but I felt that it's just hard to do so given that there's no proper app/site that I could really use for these purposes. There are of course a few apps out there that are trying to solve this, but I didn't really like them as the solutions that they offered are just outdated and messy to use for me.

Thus, as a developer and indiemaker, I know that I had to use my skills to contribute and build something proper that the community can really use.


The mission for Veggsocial is to promote veganism to the world and make it easier for people that have chosen to this lifestyle. It'll be a one stop tool that provide solution for various vegan and vegetarian problems such as finding quality places to eat, finding vegan and vegetarian friendly cities, finding rooms to rent, ethical things to buy and so on. New features will be added from time to time.


There are a few different ways that you can contribute to the site. One way is by submitting new listing to the site. If you know some great vegans/vegetarian places to eat, feel free to submit it as a new listing to Veggsocial. The listing will usually take 1 to 2 days to be approved once reviewed by me or the moderators or ambassadors of the site.

You can also become an Ambassador, become a sponsor by advertising, and also make a donation. See the sections below for more info.


If you would like to become an Ambassador and represent your city, you can Apply here. As an Ambassador for your city, you'll get to manage the listings in your area and any submission by you for you city, will automatically get approved. You'll also get featured on Veggsocial's Ambassadors page, get a special badge on your profile and will also received any perks that Veggsocial offers in the future.


You can go here to buy an ad. You can buy the ad for weeks or months. Just book your ad and your ad will be live starting from the start date that you have chosen. For custom ad packages or sponsorship, contact me directly on Twitter or email me here


Any amount of contribution is very much appreciated and your donation will be used to maintain, improve, and create additional user-friendly features for this website. This includes covering the monthly dedicated server costs, improving site functionality, as well as paying for other operational expenses. 💛 Make a one time donation


Should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact me on Twitter or email me here

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