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25 Dec 2018

Veggsocial 17:23pm

Hello all, welcome to the Veggsocial Chatroom! :tada: You can join discussion, ask questions, sharing tips, post photos/videos or links to your favourite websites or articles that you have just read :book:

Ryzal Yusoff 17:29pm

Hey everyone :wave: Welcome! As a start, I really recommend for everyone to check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrlBSuuy50Y

4 Jan 2019

Fajar Siddiq 14:52pm

hey hey!

Fajar Siddiq 14:52pm

this is great chat room!

Ryzal Yusoff 14:53pm

Heyy yeah man welcome! :hugs:

Fajar Siddiq 14:53pm

was about to call you

Fajar Siddiq 14:53pm

to congratulate you on the launch

Ryzal Yusoff 17:09pm

@fajarsiddiq Ahh thanks! Sorry was too busy haha, can't keep up with the launching :rofl:

Ana Paula Maciel 17:09pm

Hey guys, that's a great a network! I thought I wouldn't find much content for São Paulo (brazil) but there's a few good stuff

Ana Paula Maciel 17:10pm

congrats for creating this @ryzalyusoff !

Ryzal Yusoff 17:12pm

@ana_paulamaciel ah thanks for joining! No worries, I will continue to improve the content, and feel free to contribute as well. Also let me know if you would like to become and ambassador :blush:


Hope you all are doing great:blush:

Ryzal Yusoff 17:29pm

Hello @FREDERIK_DIAMOND , welcome to the chatroom :blush:

Tim Perri 21:05pm

Thanks for creating this resource! Looking forward to seeing it grow

Ryzal Yusoff 21:15pm

My pleasure! Thanks for joining and let's grow this together :hugs: @timperri

John Wilson 22:02pm

Checking in from #Nashville #TN #USA. Happy to be here

Ryzal Yusoff 22:19pm

Welcome John! Hope you're enjoying the platform! :smile: @johnwilson

Ryzal Yusoff 22:22pm

Hello everybody, if you still haven't check out yet, Veggsocial is now LIVE on ProductHunt and currently on the top 10. Visit here to give it some love :point_right: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/veggsocial

Fajar Siddiq 23:04pm

Nice this is amazing! :wink: post some topics on the forum

Ryzal Yusoff 23:13pm

Ha sure thing! I've been too busy here handling the launch, I just don't know which one to focus first. I'm really not good in handling stressful situation :joy: @fajarsiddiq

5 Jan 2019

Fajar Siddiq 00:59am

haha why are you stress

Fajar Siddiq 00:59am

which one needs to be done first

Fajar Siddiq 01:00am

priortize it

Ryzal Yusoff 01:17am

Because too many things need to be done haha! I'm trying my best now :rofl:

Ryzal Yusoff 21:00pm

Hi Viktor, welcome to Veggsocial and thank you for becoming a Patron and supporting Veggsocial!! :heart_eyes::hugs: @victor

6 Jan 2019

Mateo Bynumato 23:22pm

Just found this site via ProductHunt!

Mateo Bynumato 23:32pm

BEing similar to the digital nomad website thats popular now, I think this could gain some great traction as well!

7 Jan 2019

Ryzal Yusoff 12:38pm

Welcome to Veggsocial Mateo! Hopefully it will, let's grow this site together, let me know if you have any suggestions :hugs: @iTzDLVRY

Forest Good 18:16pm

Hi all, how do we go about setting up a new city that is not yet featured?

Ryzal Yusoff 20:14pm

Hi there, there's no functionality to submit new city yet at the moment, so you can just let me know which city that you want to add and I'll it :blush: @forestgood

Sushruth Sastry 22:43pm

Oh god I have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

Sushruth Sastry 22:43pm

pretty cool!

Ryzal Yusoff 22:46pm

Hi Sushruth! Glad that you found Veggsocial then! Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions :hugs: @SushruthSastry

8 Jan 2019

Victor Nizeyimana 00:39am

Hi @SushruthSastry , Welcome!

Victor Nizeyimana 00:43am

Someone hungry ?

Victor Nizeyimana 00:43am


22 Sep 2019

Fajar Siddiq 03:45am

hey guys long time no see!

29 Oct 2019

Hen Na 02:52am