Ryzal Yusoff

Hi @fontalamh ,

Thanks for the feedback and concern.

Most of the places listed here coming from multiple sources and API and doesn't always coming from a user submission. And unfortunately, the APis that we are using does not has the info whether the particular place is vegan/vegetarian/simply offering vegetarian option. So, we are currently only able to show this info on the ones that were submitted by users. However, we are planning to crowdsource this, so users can vote/determine themselves.

To list a place here on Veggsocial, user can choose whether or not the place is vegan/vegetarian/offering vegan option depending on the nature of the place. If the place  is only offering vegan options, then the place should fall under vegan category. Other than this, the place will either fall under vegan/offering vegetarian option.

For the technical issue that you've been having, we'll take a look and will try another solution for a textbox. In the meanwhile, we suggest that you use a browser on your desktop to post instead.

Hope this helps. And if you have any future problem/concern and would like to get an immediate answer, please reach me on Twitter at @ryzalyusoff