Chemical Process Food

My concern of this topic discussion is about.
How do we overcome 90% of all process food that is selling on the market that we are eating and how do we actually prevent that? I know the simple answer is just no.

There is also Organic Stores selling good food that can keep you all healthy, but costly. So how do we solve this? Will there be a list of each country promoting organic store selling good products, so we can just buy online and eat? and what food companies serve organic food?

Hope to hear some from the community and also some expert & experience advice. 

Fajar Siddiq


Ryzal Yusoff


That is great and yes! You just need to take one step of time and you will be alright :)
For me, my main source of proteins which I eat everyday are beans and tofus. I will then pair them with potatoes, rice, noodles and pasta. You can basically cook everything and almost any recipes with just using these!

I will add more to the list and share my recipes soon :)

Fajar Siddiq

Yes exactly @ryzalyusoff 

I have beans back at home, i should eat more beans for now.
The rest are just constant worrying for me.
Is there a list like other products we can eat? 
Do list it here! ;) 

Ryzal Yusoff

This is a good concern!

When I first started to eat healthy and when I became vegetarian, I felt that this is an impossible thing to do. While it does seem like it's totally unavoidable, It can actually be done by starting reduce the amount that we consumed these foods.

The first step that we can do is to actually cook and prepare our own food. Contrary to what people actually believe, the healthy raw foods is actually not that expensive and most are the time cheaper! Take beans for example. In the UK, where I live, the cost of 1kg of beans is only around £1.50~£2.

The next step is to stop buying junks food altogether and replace most snacks with fruits and healthier options. Familiarise ourselves with ingredients table of the products will help a lot when choosing this options. Know what calories are, sugar/salt contents etc.