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Hello Veggie´s

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It´s great to have a place to network with likeminded people!
I hope to make an impact on this side by helping people finde great vegan restaurants and places especially in Berlin. I am often in the mountains (alps) and search vor vegan options on the hut´s and alp´s.

- knowing Berlin, Hamburg, Bavaria,
- vegan options during hiking/skiing adventures
- vegan supplements (protein powder etc.)

Kind regards,

Maggie Hufnagel

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Ryzal Yusoff

Hello Maggie :wave:

It's great to have you here! 
I love hiking and being in the alps too, and it will be good thing to know vegan options in these places. I'm sure a lot of people will find those infos useful too! So maybe there's a need have a section about this on Veggsocial :thinking: 

Anyways, keep going, and once again, welcome to Veggsocial :)