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Fajar Siddiq left a comment on "Chemical Process Food"

Yes exactly @ryzalyusoffย 

I have beans back at home, i should eat more beans for now.
The rest are just constant worrying for me.
Is there a list like other products we can eat?ย 
Do list it here! ;)ย 
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Chemical Process Food
My concern of this topic discussion is about.How do we overcome 90% of all process food that is s...
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Name: Fajar Siddiq
Country: Singapore
Currently: Singapore, just got back from Malaysia (Nomading)
What i do: I run 3 startups as designer/developer, love doing side projects as a maker
How long vegan: when i was 16,17, 18 years old (XXX) lol straight edge. But after that i stop. Maybe i want to loose weight now to actually be vegan!
What have i learnt: Being vegan, you get to loose weight, you don't get to eat chemical process food.

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